Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This "Palestinian" State Thing

Assuming that at some point there will be a "real" "Palestinian" state there are a couple of questions that need to be answered. Number one I think would be how on earth will this state support itself? Is there any industry to speak of in the "Palestinian homeland?" Another good question would be why should the United States (and other Western nations), support such a state?

The answers are quite simple. This "state" of "Palestine" will not be able to support itself and will continue to be a ward of the international community. The UN will funnel loads of funds and support at great expense. A lot of that will be American taxpayer money. We as a nation will send funds and support on our own accord also. A double whammy. UN and U.S. support? No wonder they want to achieve "statehood."

The United States should not support this so called state due to the simple fact that they are an enemy. Ridiculous? Do you recall the rejoicing and dancing in the streets after the terror attacks on our nation? If that does not tell you something then I guess you just might be an idiot.

Yep when this false state does really become a recognized "nation" then I would imagine that we will be footing the bill for another hostile group of Mohammedans. You really can't buy friends you know. They will take your generous offering and use it to bite back.


Jayhawk said...

How does Syria support itself? How does Jordan support itself? How does Yemen support itself? Not one of these three nations exports oil. None of them has any more industry "to speak of" than does the Palestinian territory.

Why do you assume that, if "support" is needed, that the United States would be the source of such support. It seems to me that Iran would be a far mor likely source of support, or perhaps Saudi Arabia, and both have already offered to do so.

Bartender Cabbie said...

The Congressional Research Service (CRS), in a Feb. 2, 2006 report titled "U.S. Aid to the Palestinians," provided the following:

"In fiscal year 2005, the Bush Administration and Congress significantly increased U.S. economic aid to the Palestinians through supplemental appropriations and by reprogramming economic aid that had been appropriated in previous years. President Bush also used his authority to provide $50 million in direct assistance to the Palestinian Authority, marking only the fourth time a U.S. president has used a congressionally authorized waiver to channel aid away from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) programs and directly to the Palestinian Authority."

Table. US Assistance to the Palestinians, FY2002-FY2006
(Regular & Supplemental Appropriations; Current Year in $ dollars)












Feb. 2, 2006 - Congressional Research Service (CRS)

While the figures are not a lot as far as that goes and we would certainly not be the source for all, or even most aid, I would argue that any aid at all is unwise.

Why feed a snake that may bite you?

Jayhawk said...

That's because they are a territory under Israeli jurisdiction, a nation which we support on a massive financial scale, and by supporting the territory which Israel administers we relieve the financial burden on our client state of Israel.

There is a huge difference between providing support for a territory occupied by a client state and providing support for an independent nation. The one does not portend the other.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Interesting. That might be niticking a bit though. Personally I want none of my tax money to support the "state" of Palestine. Period. No matter what channels are used to administer the funds.

I have some reservations about the amount of aid we give Isael. As our only true ally in the region though it seems prudent. At some point the Suez will have to either be taken or reopened (during or after a conflict) and a regionally powerful ally is of utmost importance.

For me, almost all geo political question come down to one thing. Western Civilization and its' best interest.

Jayhawk said...

Well, aid to Israel is a point on which we might find more common ground, as I tend to question their value as an "ally" in the area. They will be of even less value to us when they suck us into a war against Iran.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Perhaps a war with Iran is a foregone conclusion. Hopefully not. I however, (and I know how this sounds), am a proponent of the use of strategic arms in any conflict with the Persian.