Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Night Blabbering

The non stop coverage of Hurricane Irene is just a bit over the top. It is after all Cat 1. Dangerous to be sure and there have been some tragedies. Devastating? Probably not. Of course there will be damage and some folk will probably be out of power for a few days but it is not something of the magnitude of a Katrina, Ike, Rita or Andrew. It is blown somewhat out of proportion. Not to say there won't be problems sure, but lets just keep it all in perspective. Unless the thing stalls or strengthens then it probably won't be an earth shattering event for most folk. At least let us hope not. It would be bad to see an "Allison" type of scenario. This thing will be a monumental pain in the ass but hopefully no more than that. The nonstop coverage on this one is just a bit extreme. Or not.

Today I went to a shoe store and looked around a bit. Almost all shoes are now made in Red China. Such names as Minnetonka, Crocs, and Nunn Bush are all made by the Communist Chinese at the expense of the American worker. I could go on.  Shameful.  I could not help but recall when that John McCain said something about these type jobs "not coming back." Guess not John. You and your ilk have certainly had your hand in destroying the country.

It is being reported that there were no incidents of inappropriate politics in the decision to deny Houston a Space Shuttle. Houston? Yes the home of Mission Control is not going to have a shuttle to display. Sad and pitiful. Fairly recently that odious Chuck Schumer attempted to rub salt in the wounds of Houstonians. Pathetic this Schumer. Not much good for anything but running his mouth. He is another one who is doing his level best to destroy our nation. That this Schumer is scum is a fact that is not seriously in dispute.

I am pretty sure there was some "inappropriate politics" involved. How could there not be?

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