Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Past Week? Boy Howdy.

This past week has been a crazy time for the country and the world at large. Some of the episodes do not bode well for Western Civilization and some were just humorous.

China has concluded the sea trials on her very first aircraft carrier. Nimitz class it is not sure but rather some old Soviet junk. Still, they have to start somewhere. China will be a very real danger to the world in due time. Her neighbors, who thankfully fear and hate her, will be looking toward their defense capabilities against this behemoth.

The UK riots have calmed down it seems. Wonder if the threat of playing baseball quelled the violence.

The Arab Spring is raging in Syria, Yemen, and Libya. None of this is good for the security of the West. Is it better to retain dictatorial regimes in the region or not? Whichever is to the advantage of  what is left of Western Civilization is the best option.

Israel and the "Palestinians" are again coming to blows. It never really stops, but escalation will likely be the order of the day. We will soon see how far this goes.

Michele with one L Bachmann has stated that as POTUS, she will keep the gasoline prices around two bucks a gallon. That is great! How will she do that? She doesn't know of course. All candidates for office get a pass on an occasional goofy statement but this one shows a complete lack of understanding of the real world. She is now confirmed, in my mind at least, to be a loon. I always suspected it.

There is something bad wrong with the economy when the markets react wildly to any bit of bad (or good) news. I won't be surprised if the DOW is down around 7,000 before the smoke clears. Won't be surprised at all.

The Piers Morgan vs Christine O'Donnell episode is quite amusing. I must say that as much as I believe Piers to be a cad, he is the one in the right here. It was interesting when O'Donnell mentioned something about "getting to talk about what she wants to talk about" on the show. That is not a direct quote but you get the gist. Piers believes otherwise. He called her a "politician" as if he were speaking of a poisonous snake. He is right on the money. Any journalist worth their salt makes it their business to grill the political class. It is journalistic duty to disdain, distrust, and if necessary, to fairly destroy those who deem themselves worthy of leading. No Christine. A politician does not get to chose what questions they are asked. The news media is not your personal P.R. machine. It is your enemy. It is their job to find the dirt on the likes of you. To make you wish you had not crawled out from under the rock as it were. Any journalist who gives any sort of pass to any political type due to party affiliation, personal positions, etc. is doing the profession a disservice. Unfortunately there seems to be very few journalists left in the modern American media.

I guess that is just about enough ranting for now.


Jayhawk said...

"...makes it their business to grill the political class."

Well, yes, but not the way Chris Matthews does it, but screaming the same question at the politician repeatedly and not giving him time between iterations to actually answer.

"Have you stopped beating your wife sir?"
I don't...
"No, no. Yes or no? Have you stopped beating your wife?"
"Just answer the question. Have you stopped beating your wife?"
But I...
"You don't want to answer the question.Have you stopped beating your wife?"
"Have you stopped beating your wife, sir? Answer the question."
I'm trying...
"Why won't you answer the question? Have you stopped beating your wife?"

Bartender Cabbie said...

There has to be an element of fairness to be sure. Mathews is a talking head and not a true journalist. What I am talking about is good old investigative journalism. Something that is rarely seen anymore. Mathews, that screamer on HLN (her name escapes me at the moment) are the worst of the worst. That type are in no way journalists.

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Everything that's going on is quite scary. I can't help wondering what the next decade will bring.

Anonymous said...

Piers would never treat a libtard like that. He is a fraud

Bartender Cabbie said...

If he wouldn't treat a "libtard" like that then he is no real journalist.

Bartender Cabbie said...

No telling what the next decade will bring. You keep writing though.