Friday, August 26, 2011

Ramble? Hell Yes I Will

As usual there are a couple things that just need to be discussed this morning. For the good of the country you understand.

It is apparent that some bar owners in Michigan are banning some lawmakers from their places of business to protest a "smoking ban." Good for them. Everyone knows that smoking is a bad and dangerous habit, but that is the breaks. If a business owner decides to let people smoke in their place of business then so be it. H/T and Mike at

On a sort of related note it seems to me that at least some folk under the age of 21 should be allowed to have a drink in a bar. I am talking about of course those active duty military folk who defend us. After a hard day of shooting at Mohammedans, or in the case of U.S. troops, getting shot at by Mohammedans and then asking permission to shoot back, it seems that having a cold beer is in order. Should be a right. I understand the need to keep drunks off the road of course and I do know that most 18 year olds (and a lot of 40 year olds) can't handle their booze, but for those who serve our nation.....Give me a break. Let them have at least some suds.

Did you know that Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee has a BA from Yale? How is this possible? The poor woman can't speak proper English and has about a sixth grade understanding of geography and history. It must have been an affirmative action type of thing. Oh. Is that going too far? Sorry. Perhaps it is time you be honest with yourself. There is no possible way that this woman is, as they say, "Ivy League material."

You know, on second thought, perhaps Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is Ivy League material. Have you noticed that those who continue to damage our country often have some link to the Ivy League? A friend of mine reminded me that ex major league catcher Brad Ausmus was a Dartmouth grad. Or was it Cornell? I don't recall.  At any rate, the only thing Brad ever damaged was the collective batting average of the Astros. He could not for the life of him hit the ball. He was a damn good catcher though. One of the best. I recall when he would catch for Billy Wagner. Remember him? The wild closer. I used to think that if Brad weren't playing baseball we might be calling him "Doctor" Ausmus and if Wagner wasn't such a rocket arm we would be telling him to "get in the truck." I wonder what kind of conversations Ausmus and Wagner had on the mound. Pretty sure they did not discuss microbiology. I always liked Ausmus. Perhaps the Ivy League can't be all bad.

Frederica Wilson just might be in the same league as Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Not sure yet. I need to do a bit more analysis. I'm thinking she might just run a close second to ole Sheila. One thing I do know - No one can take her very seriously as long as she is running around in those pimp hats. She looks like an aging hooker in that getup she sports.

Maxine Waters? Hell we may as well discuss her. I am not real sure myself, but there are allegations out there that she is a criminal. Is this true? I wouldn't know, but I will say that very often when there is smoke there is fire. I am not sure why there is not some "real" investigation into her alleged wrongdoing(s).

OK now on to Cynthia McKinney. This woman is a traitor. I would think that she needs to be investigated for espionage. Anyone who goes on Iranian (and Libyan) television and bashes her country is possibly giving the enemy sensitive information. Thankfully she is no longer a member of Congress.  She will probably be back though.

McKinney, Wilson, Waters, and Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee? Yes I know how it looks. Some would say, "Cabbie you are a racist and misogynist." Not true (particularly). It is not my fault that the voters in those districts put buffoons in office. It is not my problem that these particular office (and ex office) holders happen to be African American women. I am simply pointing out that they are all guilty, in my opinion, of high buffoonery, and in the special case of McKinney, the possibility that she is an "agent" of at least one enemy nation.

The earthquake to hit the East Coast this week caused a bit of a stir but thankfully very little damage. It is interesting that a quake in Colorado was recorded shortly before. "Unrelated" say the scientists. OK. Case closed. The discussion is over. Right.......Anyway, this particular little shaking of the earth is nothing compared to a hurricane blowing through town. Some of those folk don't know the pain in the ass that is in their immediate future. Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg can ban the hurricane. I am wondering if there will be looting and rampaging in the streets of some of those eastern towns before it is all said and done.  That won't happen here in the Republic of Tejas. Weuns is all armed round here and would be ashootin at looters. That is one reason you don't typically see that type of looting activity in these parts. That and the fact that folk here are just a bit more laid back for the most part. Our women are prettier also. Us Texicans and Southrons in general are just better looking than a lot of folk. Be honest. You know it to be true.

 Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Jayhawk said...

Wouldn't you rather have the rain there than have it wasted on the East Coast?

Bartender Cabbie said...

Yes indeed. We could stand a little tropical system down this way. Not another IKE or RITA mind you. That type thing is a pain in the neck.