Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thoughts for Wednesday

Do you remember when Bank of America was a good company? They are convenient, with locations nearly everywhere, but  they just seem a bit smarmy in the last few years. Don't know if they are as bad as Citi but they are in the same league I reckon.

One of the most annoying humans that I have ever seen is this Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He is more irritating than Oprah, Dr. Phil, Olbermann, Charlie Pallilo, John McClain, John McCain, and Martha Stewart. What sort of man has a name like "Clark Warren" anyway?

John McCain won't back down from call "Tea Partiers" hobbits. Is being called a hobbit an insult or a compliment? It is likely that John wouldn't know. He is damaged goods and part of the problem in Washington.

I again heard some "financial expert" talk about a possible "pending recession." Thought we were in one. Have been for years. Perhaps he is just confusing Wall Street with main street.

Remember when folk thought that the Weather Channel had hot babes? Well they don't hold a candle to the hotties on the various financial "news" networks. Not even close.

Stay tuned. I'll waste your time again tomorrow if you let me.


Jayhawk said...

"Do you remember when Bank of America was a good company?"

Short answer, No.

Longer answer, Oh, Hell No.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I used to have use Nations Bank which I guess was taken over or perhaps the name just changed. don't remember. BOA screwed it up.