Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Want My MTV, Social Security, and Medicare

Yesterday was, I believe, the 30th anniversary of MTV. When it first came onto the scene it was cutting edge, cool. and well worth watching. It pissed parents off. It was wonderful. The "VJ's" were a pretty interesting bunch and the little pixie looking VJ, Martha Quinn I believe her name was, who (along with her colleague Nina Blackwood), fueled quite a few masturbatory fantasies. Have I gone to far there? Have I said a bit much? Not speaking of myself mind you........ I've never masturbated a day in my life. At least not this particular day. So far.

Anyway the network is now nothing but a faux reality show dumping ground. It is a disgrace and a ridiculous waste of space. I suppose some kids watch it, but they are certainly not having the same experience that young folk in the early 80's had. Not surprising there really. A good deal of the "music" that the kids listen to nowadays is really nothing more than computer enhanced rip offs of music from an earlier era. It is a shame really. Such as it is..........

Well as much as I want my MTV, I really want my Social Security and Medicare. Why? I paid into the system for many years. That is my money. Don't get me wrong. I am for cuts in the FedGov. Massive and draconian cuts in some cases. I am talking about elimination of outmoded civilian agencies; eliminating redundancy; and the forced retirement and buyout of a large number of employees. I would be for massive cuts in foreign aid and completely taking our taxpayer dollars out of the United Nations. I just don't see much point in continuing with an organization that seems really incompetent to do anything meaningful on an international scale. Did the UN stop the genocide in Rwanda or Cambodia? Has it alleviated the starving in the Horn of Africa? Nope. What real use is it? Anyway I digress here. What I am really interested in is getting my money out of the system. Assuming of course I make it that far.

If the powers that be want to tamper with Social Security and Medicare well then I just want a refund of all monies paid in. With interest.

The type of interest that the IRS charges for tax delinquency.

 A check in the full amount will be just fine.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

My husband was just talking about MTV. Seriously, what in the hell happened to it? It's sad really.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Yep. I remember watching it in awe. VH1 Classic is a poor substitute.