Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good Hair Perry: Preacherman

Well the much maligned and somewhat anticipated prayer event in Houston has come and gone. We all survived. If this Good Hair is to make a serious run at the highest office it is imperative to acknowledge and pander to the "evangelicals." Best to get it out of the way early. You see this Good Hair is nothing if not an opportunist and slick operator. I would wager that he knows full well that by the time he is down the road in the race, (if he so decides to really run), most will have forgotten about his nod to these evangelicals. Like it or not evangelical Christians tend not to be trusted by the population at large but a Republican is required to play nice with them for a bit. They (evangelicals and some Republicans) seem just a bit  redneck and ignorant for most. Whether that is fair or not is for each to decide on their own. Now a "Black Evangelical" is, for the most part, a different thing. Not to be stereotypical, ( although I am doing so), but they will, for the most part, vote Democrat. No need for a Republican to pander there. Anyway now that Perry has gotten this duty out of the way, it is time for him to decide. Make a decision Rick. Make a decision. Do you want to run or stay home?

You know what was funny about the prayer meeting deal that took place? Some of the ultra silly took such umbrage to the fact that Perry was going to host a prayer meeting that they almost wet themselves in silly futile anger about the whole thing.  Screeching like a queen in a beauty shop they were. It was beyond comical.

Really. Who cares if folk got together to pray for the nation? Doubt it will help but it harms no one.
Nothing for some twits ( to get in a twist about.

I don't know if Perry will run for POTUS or not. If he chooses against it he could possibly try his hand at televangelism. He certainly has the hair for it.

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