Friday, August 12, 2011

Bovine, Grave Robbers, Good Hair, Fine Dining, and Baseball

I have been watching more television than is healthy again. I tend to try to keep up with the news and watch educational programing but sometimes things just get off track. At least I have not watched Jerseylicious in a while. There are a couple things I have viewed recently that I suppose, since I have really nothing better to do at the moment, I should comment on.

Last evening I watched some show on one of the "animal networks" that featured these horrendous animal incidents. It was pretty interesting. A couple of guys got trapped in a shark cage by a Great White that somehow got partially into the cage. They were pretty lucky to escape with their lives. Another segment showed a bull go bananas at a "bull fight" and jump the barrier into the crowd. Getting a little bit of revenge before his ultimate demise it appears. I like that vato. I like that. Fuck a Mexican; they don't need to fight a bull.

It seems that Good Hair is indeed going to run for POTUS. Fine and good. Beware though, as one who has observed this guy for years; I can assure you he is not qualified for much more than starring in some sort of hair product commercial.

Yesterday there was a show on that featured a company called Odyssey Marine Exploration. The company really should be called Odyssey Marine Exploitation. What these guys do is find shipwrecks and try to get salvage rights on the remains. A shipwreck should indeed by studied but this bunch are raping the remains of sailors who have lost lives. Necrophiliacs and nothing more these guys. There was one little episode where they were hindered by the Spanish Navy and "Guardia Civil" for attempting to steal more from a certain site that Spaniards consider their national treasure. I was kind of hoping to see the Spanish corvette machine gun the engine room. That would have made for great television.

Who knew that baseball, the most American of inventions, would become so popular in the UK? It is being reported on various "news" networks that there has been a surge in the purchase of baseball gear in the last few days. I don't know why.

Have you ever seen the television program Chopped? It is pretty interesting. These cooks get together and rate other cooks on their ability to make something edible out of items that should never be included together in the same dish. Whichever dish the panel likes the least get chopped and the cook goes home without the prize. I have been waiting for them to put flounder, bananas, cream of wheat and dried roaches in the mix. Wonder what one could make that is edible out of all that. Not sure but I would probably go with some kind of dessert. They do have an ice cream machine on set. Or is it "on location?" I am not sure of the terminology. I better learn quick though. Just as soon as I get the go ahead from my better half I am going to embark on a career as a director of "Adult films." Just like a modern day Gerard Damiano.

 A man can at least have his dreams.

 Can't he?


Jayhawk said...

The people who raised the Hunley did a very respectful job, preserving the ship and the remains of her crew, and putting the ship into the public domain. Watching the raising of that ship and the first submarine crew lost at sea was a touching moment for this old former submariner.

Bartender Cabbie said...

True enough but on the Hunley but I would have preferred she remain on the bottom. That is still a different animal than raiding a wreck for profit.

Jill said...

Chopped is my own guilty pleasure too (I don't watch "adult films" *grin*). I notice that the judges have become less cruel in recent seasons, and the baskets have become womewhat less completely incoherent. At least now they don't have to make dessert out of jicama, breakfast sausage, puff pastry, and a snow tire anymore.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I watch a few too many of the reality shows lately. I especially enjoy those on the Food Network. Those shows where people go to storage auctions are becoming some of my favorite recently though.