Saturday, August 6, 2011

We Better Get Our Shiite Together

The country is in free fall. I feel it in my urine. Don't you? There is enough blame to go around and it is getting really just a bit sickening to listen to people blaming the "Tea Party," the current and former POTUS, and just about everyone else except Ron Jeremy. There are some things that this country needs to do now to get our house in order.

We need to immediately take measures to reduce our debt.

Companies that outsource jobs to enemy nations such as Red China need to be required to bring these jobs back to the United States or cease operations immediately. I can do without overpriced shoes that have an American name but a "made in China" label.

We need to close the southern border.

We need to drastically reduce foreign aid. 

The list goes on and on. We need to look after our interests first and foremost.

There was nothing about this little rant that was well thought out, but when I hear of  (let us be honest) third world nations, like Red China and Russia lecturing us it gets my dander up. It was horrible just having to endure the Soviet Putin calling us parasites the other day.

China and Russia need to feed their own people before pointing any fingers at any other nation. If we did not materially help the Sovs with the Nazi threat the Wehrmacht may have run all the way to the Orient. Perhaps we would have seen the spectre of Japanese and German (and affiliated) troops trading dark beer and rice wine. Perhaps not. Germany was quite overextended but that is beside the point. Of course a little gratitude from the Sovs is too much to ask. Especially after years of feeding them while their tanks were poised to race into Western Europe and their sub fleet was in position to cause havoc on the world oceans. They are of little consequence now.

China is ascendant and a long term danger. Perhaps much more than the Soviets ever were. The only difference is we are helping them move ahead unlike the Soviet Union where we  helped them just keep their population fed. We can (in part at least) thank short sighted Western corporate interests and the lackey political class for that. Does that sound "liberal" or "progressive" to you? I don't think so. I think it sounds American.

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