Sunday, August 28, 2011

Live Blogging From the Location of the Real Weather Story

Let me preface this little rant by saying that they dodged a bullet up there in the NE. Very lucky indeed they are. There is some damage and unfortunately a few people lost their lives and this is indeed a tragedy. It could have been a heck of a lot worse. Can you imagine a Cat 3 or 4 running through the region? That would have been devastating. Thankfully the "scientists" were wrong again and this will not turn out to be the "storm of the century." At least they got the track right. This usually does not happen. It was also well that the political leadership in the region advised people to leave the immediate impact areas. One of these storms can go from a minor tropical event to a major storm in a relatively short time period and vice versa. Thankfully the "vice versa" was the order of the day here.

Yesterday I was at a grocery store and came back to a temp reading on the car thermometer of 116 degrees. Have not seen that one before. Of course the temp dropped as I left the lot and got on the road to a very comfortable 105. It is hot here in the Republic and that is the real story. Just the loss of agricultural products alone is a huge cost. It would be nice if Irene had come ashore along the Texas shore somewhere. We could use the rain while the NE is over saturated.

You know, come to think of it, that Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee said we need to name some storms that sound a bit more ethnic. I have always thought that Aquanetta has a nice ring to it.

Yep it is hot here. Hot as a bastard as they say. I have often wondered just who this bastard is. Do I want to meet him or not? It seems he is always hot or cold and always seems to be in some sort of pain. The other day I dropped a snare drum on my foot and it sure hurt like a bastard I can tell you. One thing this bastard is not though is fine. I have never heard someone say "she is fine as a bastard." Usually they refer to the  mofo when discussing this type thing. Apparently this mofo is also in pain quite often though. I guess I am not sure really if the pain in my foot hurt more like a mofo or a bastard. Just can't say for certain. I can also remember being drunk as a mofo a number of times. Apparently a mofo likes to tie one on. Here and there as the case may be.


Jayhawk said...

You forgot bastard's brother, son-of-a-bitch.

I had a friend who took great umbrage at being called a s-o-b ("don't you call my mother a bitch"), but never was bothered by being called a bastard. I never quite figured out why he was so upset at his mother being called a dog, which would be patently false, but was never upset at her being accused of screwing around while unmarried, which was at least possible.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Looks like we may get wet yet. Something supposed to be brewing in the Yucatan Channel area.

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

LMAO! I LOVE this post. It had me laughing so hard. This post is ten million times cooler than the offspring of a mofo AND a bastard--does that work? :0)