Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tropical Storm LaKeisha

Tropical storm LaKeisha?  Not really. There is something brewing in the Caribbean and the next will be an "L" named storm. I'm just trying to be accommodating you see. Just as any good American and proud supporter of Sheila Jackson Lee would.

 I'm just funnin ya. Not my intention to offend but if one happens to indeed be offended, well, that's showbiz hoss.


Jayhawk said...

Hmmm. NOAA doesn't seem to know about it. They show a possibility on the West coast of Moxico, but nothing, not even one of their "percentage possible" circles in the Carribean.

See here for their evaluation.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Just saw something on the WC about it. Seems just like some rain at the moment. Just below the Yucatan I think.

Jayhawk said...

Okay, now that have one of their "possibles" there, at 10% so far. Good luck. Hope it develops, gets wet, but doesn't get too big.

Bartender Cabbie said...

As of now it looks like most of the rain will go east of here but then I put about as much stock in a meteorologist's forcast as I do an economist's.

More often than not both are wrong. Often not even close.

Jayhawk said...

I've been watching that, too, and the NOAA has a pretty good record on predicting tracks for these things. They miss on intensity a bit more often, but they tend to be pretty damn close on tracks. Unfortunately.

My wife is in Austin this weekend. Not that that fact is particularly pertinent to anything.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Doesn't look like any rain from this system up Austin way. Texas could sure use a good soaker like the one moving onshore over in SEC territory.