Monday, August 15, 2011

The Only Thing I Need To Know About Good Hair....

Good Hair has announced. Yes he will be the Republican nominee for POTUS. If it ain't him it will be that Romney. Bachmann? Give it a rest. Palin, should she "officially" jump in the race, is just a bit loony for most. Paul? Scares the establishment (I like that vato) but he has no chance. No one else need apply really.

Since Good Hair will be the nominee I must say I will be using the write in option in the general election. Good Hair is a complete coward on the illegal immigration issue and is not to be trusted with anything more important than a can of hair spray.  That is enough for me to cast my ballot for perhaps Joe Montana, Bobby Bowden, Kip Winger, or the local green grocer.

The only thing that can be said in Good Hair's favor is that he has not ruined the Republic. The governorship in this state is basically a figurehead position anyway and Perry is most adept a preening before the camera.

So would I if my hair was tha pretty


Anonymous said...

Perry's stance on the Super Highway Corridor left me cold - I hate the idea of that thing! But his non fear of firearms, even shown with a 'shudder' black rifle sounds good, he even killed a charging animal while jogging iirc. But I agree - a RINO, no progress on getting our privacy back.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I don't trust the guy. Texas' good economy has nothing to do with anything he did. It is starting to tank to some extent anyway. He is a coward on the illegal immigration issue. He is an adept politician who knows how to pander. Nothing more.