Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Herman On My MInd

Well the politics of destruction have begun in earnest now. Who is to blame for the likely politically motivated attack of Mr. Cain? Is it the left? What about one (or more) of his Republican opponents?Either would not surprise me. Perhaps it is just plain old investigative journalism that has caught Mr. Cain by the shorts. Who knows?

I have not really paid all that much attention to the whole mess frankly. Anyone who runs for public office needs to have been a saint in their life it seems. Who among us can say that? Any candidate for office should expect to have their background looked into in great detail by their political opponents as well as those who practice real journalism. It is laughable when one group gets their panties in a knot over one of their own getting caught with his pants down. Remember the Weiner's wiener thing. The frutloops of the left were crying foul by saying it was those on the right who would not let the issue go. The same thing happens in reverse. One man's investigative journalist is anothers' "journalistic terrorist" it appears.

I really don't care if Cain asked for a bit of nookie a few years back. The issue is really between Cain and his wife. I might add that if one does not ask, then how will one get laid in the first place?

If I were a betting man I would say that the thing is a politically motivated "investigation" by the some on the left. You see Cain, being a Black man, has strayed just a bit too far off the plantation for their tastes. The brother just won't get with the program you see. If a Black man has conservative values and does not subscribe to the left's image of the "down trodden," then they are a danger to the "cause." It is fair game to destroy them because, after all, a Black person with conservative values can not possibly be a really Black. It is not racist to attack a person with that particular belief system you see. Now if someone verbally attacks Sharpton, Jackson, Jeremiah Wright or (God forbid), President Obama, well then the gloves are off. That is racist you understand. You would be attacking one of the left's "house Negroes" you see. That is unforgivable you understand. Racist? The leftists in this country have been using the politics of race for a very long time. It is not that they see minorities as necessarily equal. On the contrary in fact. What they do see however is that they are useful.

Any member of a minority group who does not have their "mind right" is a danger and it is perfectly within bounds to attempt to destroy them. That is the mentality of the fringe left.

Now if  Cain's (Republican) opposition is behind the "revelation" that he may have been (or is) a horndog... well, that just means they fear him.

Pretty simple stuff.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I agree--it's probably been spurred by some of the left. Pretty interesting.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I think it was a politically motivated "investigation" from some on the fringe left but I have heard speculation that it could be the work of some in the Republican Party. Hard to say.