Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obama Probably Won't Strike The Persians

There has been some rather under the radar speculation that President Obama would consider a military strike on Iran. It goes without saying that when coalition forces finally leave Iraq for good then the hand of the Persians will be strengthened in the region. Geopolitics 101. Now with the likely Iranian nuclear program moving forward one would think that the time is ripe for a preemptive strike with strategic arms. After all we are now in a "low level" war with Iran now and we do have an interest in keeping the Iranians contained so as not to interfere with our energy needs. It is (almost) a foregone conclusion that there will be a major military clash at some point. I submit that Obama would initiate action if his poll numbers go much lower or he begins to become seriously threatened by a Republican challenger.

Therein lies the issue. The Republicans are imploding and it is quite possible they are not a danger to unseat Obama. That is hard to believe frankly, but there you have it.

People across the land are learning what we in the Republic have known all along about Perry.

Romney is just a politician and should be trusted by no one.

Cain is being accused of being some sort of man "who likes his pussy." Something not right there. Someone is getting paid somewhere. The whole thing seems just a bit manufactured. Be that as it may, it is an issue and is damaging Cain's chances.

Newt now "surging" in the polls? The game is up if that amoral freak is one of the "leaders" in the race. Hell that nut Palin may as well jump in at this point.

Paul has no real shot. The establishment and their radio host lackeys do their best to discredit him. He scares them. Of course he does has some pretty loony ideas.........

No one else is in the Republican field is worth mentioning.

Nope Obama will not strike Iran. He doesn't have to politically at this point. While there certainly is a need to do so and do so quickly from a strategic standpoint; there is no need for the POTUS to initiate action due to domestic politics.  Apparently that is more important than our legitimate national defense needs.

That is a sad state of affairs.


Jayhawk said...

"Romney is just a politician and should be trusted by no one."

You're kidding, right? Name one person in government who is in even the most remote sense anything more than "just a politician." Go ahead, name one.

My mind goes to John McCain, who has been reelected about 400 times and is so senile that he doesn't even know for sure which city he is in on any gioven day. In what way is he anything more than "just a politician," pray tell?

We elect 465 people to the federal government every two years, and every single one of them is 100% undiluted politician, with no trace contaminants such as intelligence, initiative or integrity to be found.

Bartender Cabbie said...

True enough, but the point is that Obama could possibly take out the Iranian nuclear facilities if he chose. He probably would not do so unless it became apparent that he was in any danger of losing office. Bill Clinton and the "war" in the Balkans comes to mind.

Jayhawk said...

Well I had no bone to pick with your basic premise, merely with your evaluation of the Republicans. If the worst you could come up with for Mitt is that he is "just a politician" then he should most certainly be our next President.