Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Far Right, The Silent Majority, and the Utopian Left Could Get On Board Here

It just seems that the defense of the nation would be a no brainer for anybody who has any sense at all. Instead we have some on the far left who are so anti military and national defense that they would probably be OK with the Cuban Navy shelling Key West. They often seem to believe that open borders are just Jim Dandy also. On the other hand, the far right, appears to discount any kind of  "alternative energy" methods that are in use or in the developmental stages. Energy independence is a national security issue also and if some alternative means are used to reach IE, then it is hard to understand their angst over the issue. Of course all grown ups know that fossil fuels power the nation......but alternative sources certainly can have their place.

Over at Furman University is appears that there has been some success at using "exercise machines" to generate a small amount of power. Interesting.....Perhaps we could lessen our dependence of foreign oil just a bit and solve the illegal immigration problem in the process. A win/win. Read on.....

There are God knows how many illegal aliens in country now and it is a problem. Perhaps one way to solve this problem and open a "pathway to citizenship" at the same time, would be to employ these said aliens.

It would be interesting if the govt set up huge facilities equipped with exercise machines to generate power. I am talking facilities with thousands and thousands of machines. It would certainly keep the illegals busy and gainfully employed generating "power" for the nation.

First and foremost, we need to have a nationwide "roundup" if you will of these folk. They would of course all have their background checked out and those with criminal records (other than just being illegal) will be deported. No further discussion. However, those with "clean" records can be offered a choice. Become a member of the "community" of power generation or be sent home. Those who elect to stay and work will of course be paid for their services and allowed to study to become U.S. citizens with perhaps some job training programs included as well.. It is a win/win for everybody. The illegals are taken out of circulation and those same illegal aliens will have a chance to work for the right to become American citizens. This should satisfy almost everyone.

The Utopian Left would not be able to gripe about lack of "alternative energy" being generated in the nation and the "commune like" atmosphere would appeal to a lot of them. The Ultra Right really could not argue with the methods and the middle of the road folk can see that there is a "path to citizenship" for those folk who are already here. Of course a few on the left will scream about "concentration camps" and even some middle of the road types might blather a bit about "gulags" or some such. The gulag thing wouldn't bother those on the far right a great deal.

 If we are going to pull this off, we will need a good PR machine. Need folk to get on board with the program. Here and there as it might be.  Contract with Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc. or perhaps Olgivy & Mather to get the ball rolling. One can't help but think of some classic Dead Kennedy lyrics.."Jane Fonda on the screen today, convinced the liberals it's OK, so let's get dressed and dance away the night......." Yes a good PR/Advertising campaign is a must to convince a few doubters to get their mind right on the issue.

When the program is proven successful (and how could it not be?), it could then be expanded to ordinary prisons. Make prisoners earn their keep as it were. There could even be "voluntary" locations where just regular folk can get their exercise for free and generate some power in the process.

The possibilities are endless. It is a win/win for everybody.

Nothing wrong with a bit of "tongue and cheek" on a Tuesday morn. Is there?


Anonymous said...

The quickest, easiest way to solve illegal aliens is removing their employment chances in the U.S. Instead of trying to interdict them, just make it illegal as hell for U.S. employer to employ them, something like mandatory prison time and their employment will stop. No employment - the illegal will return to home country, they aren't stupid.

Saves the cost of taxpayer for questionable border fence, higher cost for Border Patrol officers and equipment.

Just my take, but my wife thinks I'm a dumb a$$, lol . . .

Bartender Cabbie said...

I could get on board with that.

Blogger said...

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