Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Rants

Saturday is upon us and the regular college football season is winding down. I am looking forward to a bit of football today especially the Iron Bowl and the Cajun/AZ match up. I have some interest in the Baylor/TTU clash, the USM/Memphis match up, and of course the Stanford/Notre Dame tilt. Michigan/OSU? Not interested. Sorry.

It appears that the NBA will start playing ball again. Does anyone really care?

I have been taken to task by my friend for my stance on Mexican Coke (soft drink). I know I boycott the products of Mexico but these soft drinks are just better than the American variety. They use real sugar. I already stopped buying Jarritos damn it. No sense being a fanatic about it. Is there?

Speaking of fanatics....This same friend took great offense to my stance on the Aggies. He said I "did not get it." No I guess I don't. He took issue on my comments about most of the "Corps of Cadets" not going into the military. Again I "just don't get it." I did get him to admit that most members of this esteemed body do not in fact take a military commission. Nuff said!! My "cultlike" statements concerning TAMU bothered him also. I stand by that. I have lived in Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio and Florida (among others) during my many travels and I know a thing or two about fanatic fans. Nothing and I mean nothing I have ever seen even remotely resembles these Aggies. It is just not sports. It is the whole "Aggie thing." There is a strange religious aspect to it. It is almost a cult. I will not back down from this. I live among them ..............

I learned earlier today from Jayhawk that the OWS crowd now wants us to boycott the "big box" stores. I already try to avoid the Evil Empire but there are times when I find myself there. There are numerous reasons for avoidance but I guess the one that sticks out to me is that Wal Mart is a pain in the ass. I do indeed think they are part of the problem in damaging small business also. Still, I do some trading at the Empire. Here and there as it might be.

Guess that is about enough.

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