Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Sunday Morning Ranting

As usual there are some things that just need to be said. What better time than a pleasantly cool Sunday morning to bray about this or that. Well here you go......

It appears that Missouri will leave the Big Twelve and move onto greener pastures in the SEC. Oh well. Don't let the door hit you. WVU will more than replace Mizzou. The Mountaineers say they are making a move. This "realignment" mess in college football is getting a bit old.

The act of war that Iran (allegedly) attempted to perpetrate on our shores has sort of fallen out of the news of late. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because it was a hairbrained, not well executed, plan. That is neither here nor there. It was an act of war. Just because it did not work out for the Persians does not mean that it was not warlike activity. If a nation shoots a missile at the assets of another country but the missile goes haywire a lands in a field somewhere is that still not an act of war? Same thing in my book. Iran should be on fire right about now. Oh does that bother you? Sorry.

I watched a show the other day about a group of sailors who are bomb disposal experts in Afghanistan. It was interesting to say the least. We have an awesome group of young people defending our country. Now on the flip side, I also watched a show aptly named the Glam Fairy recently. This show is an offshoot of the ridiculous train wreck Jerseylicous. I had to watch you see. The people on some of these reality shows are so stupid it is just hard not too. Anyway on this Glam Fairy show there was a "glam fairy" who goes by the moniker "Glammo." He is all "about fashion" you understand. He was having some sort of dispute with another beauty shop type and they were getting a bit out of hand. As I said it was hard not to watch. At any rate, it occurred to me that our military forces are being paid to defend us and some of "us"  are just stupid. A bit depressing really.
 You know what? Screw it! I am not going to tread lightly here. There is nothing wrong with being gay (in my humble opinion), and even the repeal of DADT does not bother me. That being said, do you not look sometimes at these absolute flamers that are paraded before us and wonder why we are told we are bad people for feeling just a bit disgusted? I understand a person is who they are and have no choice in the matter, but is it not just a bit natural to feel a bit of nauseated after watching some of these folk. You know it to be true. Whether you admit it, even to yourself, is another matter.

Did I mention that I like this old guy named Crockett Keller? No? Well I do. I might discuss him a bit later but this Jesus thing is fermenting now and I must strike while the iron is hot.

Would you allow your child to go trick or treating dressed as Jesus of Nazareth? I would not either. What about Mohammed? I would not myself but for entirely different reasons. Jesus is my saviour, (and like most I am sure I don't deserve His grace), and Mohammed was likely nothing more than a warlord. If I am wrong about the "Prophet" then I am wrong. Of course the point is really moot I suppose. No one really knows for certain what Jesus or Mohammed looked like. I am pretty sure no one will cut your head off though if you chose to dress in the "image" of Jesus the Carpenter. People will talk some shit about you sure, but that will probably be about it. Try trick or treating as Mohammed in certain neighborhoods (even) in this country. Let me know how that works out.

The Republican race goes on and on. I sort of like this Cain. Perry is not your guy. Trust me on this. A panderer and coward is that one.

Have you noticed that it was OK for Jeremiah Wright to spew racist hatred from the pulpit but one old Texas fart is being blasted for saying things far less offensive in his radio spot? That is America for you. Some on the "left" are all about free speech you see until you "offend" them. A lot of them need to be offended on a regular basis. It is easy to write them off as just silly screechers but some are actually fifth columnists and a danger. But you already know that.

That is about enough for one sitting.

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