Friday, November 25, 2011

The End of an Era?

Last night the 'last' Texas/Texas Agricultural game was played. At least for a while. This year neither team is quite ready for prime time. The Horns have an atrocious offense and the defense keeps them in games. TAMU just has issues period. With the talent on that squad/...? The coaching staff has to be to blame. Texas won the game with a last second field goal sending the Aggies off to the SEC on a losing note. That was just a football game though and pretty much beside the point.

This particular match up begun in the 1890's, and has continued for every year since. Now some arrogant fools, on both sides, are ruining it because they can't get along? Does anyone have a noose? It is ridiculous. It is a travesty. It is criminal.

The multitudes who read my work know that I am far from an Aggies fan. I take issue with kids running around in military style uniforms who have no intention of joining any branch of the service. Now some do join of course and they have my respect and gratitude. It is those who do not become real service members who are offensive to me. As a veteran I take great offense to this. Also I live among these Aggies and the whole "worship" of the institution is vaguely cult like. This too is beside the point.

The problem is, it seems to me, is that those in College Station can not abide playing second (or third) fiddle in the Republic. While Aggie sports can easily be replaced by TCU or Houston (if invited) from strictly a prowess stand, the program can not be replaced when one looks at history. The Longhorn/Aggie match up is part of Texas. It is one of the premier games in college football and it is fun. Can you imagine ending the USC/UCLA rivalry? Auburn/Alabama? Ohio State/Michigan? Florida/FSU? Or a host of other regional rivalries that get less attention. It is the same thing. It is ridiculous. We have already seen the Oklahoma/Nebraska rivalry fall by the wayside. Now this!!!!

Now the Aggies have run off to the SEC where they will be about on par with Mississippi State or Ole Miss. Possibly a step above Kentucky on the gridiron. Their basketball program has had some recent success but in the SEC, basketball, with the exception of the Kentucky program, is somewhat of a sideshow.

These arrogant folks in leadership positions at both schools have nothing on the BCS when it comes to ruining a wonderful sport. It is sick and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

I guess it shouldn't matter to me. I am, after all, a Southeastern Conference man. But it does matter damn it.

Now where is that noose?


Jayhawk said...

"Now some arrogant fools, on both sides, are ruining it because they can't get along?"

No, it's about tlelvision money.

Bartender Cabbie said...

It always comes down to the money I guess. It is sad.