Thursday, November 17, 2011

Open A Series of Southern Ellis Islands

The other day I was watching a show concerning Ellis Island. Interesting history. Perhaps it is about time to consider something along those lines on our border with Mexico.

 It goes without saying that Mexico is to be considered a parasitic nation at best and perhaps an enemy of the U.S. at worst. Probably somewhere in between. It does indeed appear to be policy to encourage their most desperate (and therefore most dangerous) to "immigrate" north. They have only recently begun to pay more than lip service to combating the drug gangs that control large swaths of territory. We, in this country, do not need anymore of Mexico's "problems." Extreme poverty along with revolutionary and criminal elements are issues to be sorted out by Mexico. I don't want to hear the standard "if Americans did not consume drugs then the gangs would be irrelevant." While there may be truth to this it is still not the problem of the United States (at this point) to crush the insurrectionists.

With the "war" in Mexico just across the border (and spilling into our country), and the problems of illegal immigration becoming a major drain on the resources of our nation, it is high past time to close the border by maintaining a permanent military presence and opening "reception centers" to screen those who would be considered entry.

It is not "racist" to institute measures to protect a nation. Or perhaps it is....No matter. A nation must do what is in the best interest. Something our leaders have long forgotten.

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