Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bleating About This,That, and the Other Thing On A Sunday Morn

It seems as if Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were both invited to be dates by members of the Marine Corps to the storied Marine Corps Ball. Both accepted and showed that not all Hollywood types are pinkos, jerk offs, and dickweeds. Good for them.

Bob Schieffer had Ron Paul on as a guest this morning on Face The Nation. This Schieffer is a old fruit and pretty typical of the "media elite" Ron Paul, while having some good ideas on some issues, is just way off base on many others. He is just a bit nuts. Sue me.

On another one of the Sunday morning programs there was a segment on a Muslim man who owns a "Kosher" deli. Good for him. It seems to be working out. This is what America is all about. This is the United States and we just don't want some Jewish/Muslim conflict here. For those who wish to continue that particular conflict here I ask you to take a permanent trip back to the Middle East and cut each others throats if you so desire. Mohammedan beware though; the United States will never allow the destruction of Israel.

 If you live here then put American interests first and leave your third world conflicts behind.  That being said, I have a distinct distrust for followers of the Prophet. Something to to do with an episode about ten years back. Something to do with militant Islamists in Europe and even right here in our country.  I support Israel in their conflict with the Mohammedan but if you live here in this country best leave that crap alone. I'm talking to both of you.  Put America first and be American or be gone. That goes for anyone from anywhere.

This wonderful nation has people from all over the world and that makes us great. That being said it is time to put the brakes on immigration. We can start by militarizing and sealing the southern border. We just can not afford any more of the world's poor and downtrodden. No more room at the inn. Sorry.

I actually like the postal service and would like to see it remain intact.

You know it is high time that we stop the outsourcing of jobs to foreign (and often enemy) nations. If an American company wishes to manufacture overseas so be it I suppose. Don't put that stuff on a ship and try to sell it back to us though. People are sick of that. Either bring those jobs back home or close up shop. Manufacture overseas? Like I just said......Do not have the audacity to ship your crap back here. This is serious business. There are already rumblings at the grass roots about this issue and it is growing louder by the day. At some point there may be serious backlash against those that continue this practice with a hangman's noose waiting for the unlucky. Far fetched? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who knows what course that a nation's history will take?

As a proponent of Capitalism it goes against the grain to be anti-business per se. However, a business must not be an engine that damages the well being of the nation (see above). I will use Allstate Insurance as an example (if for no other reason then I have had less than stellar experience in dealing with these thieves). If you have noticed Allstate spends a huge amount of money on advertising. Spending your premiums to attract more premiums as it were. Trying to gather even more cash for what basically is a public service. Try to get Allstate to pay a fair and equitable claim is somewhat of a chore. Try it. Almost impossible in many cases. Even folks who work for their competitors speak of the dishonest business tactics that are rampant at Allstate. Unethical business practice seem to be standard operating procedure with the "Good Hands" folks.

Did you know that the OWS crowd and the Tea Party are, in fact, very similar? Oh does that offend you? Sorry. While the tactics and the belief systems are different (assuming we know what the OWS crowd actually believes), the core belief may well be similar. Both groups know that the country is on the wrong track. Problem one knows what to do about it. Voting for cookie cutter politicians does not seem to be the answer. Both groups sense that the country is being sold a bill of goods and are frustrated with the direction this country is headed. Aren't we all?

I wonder if the Herman Cain camp has sent a thank you note to folks at Penn State. The Sandusky affair has taken a bit of the limelight off old Herman's (alleged) poontangin. Perhaps the crowd at Hallmark could come up with some cutesy poems just for cases like this.  Here and there as it might be.

That is about enough I guess.

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