Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Would Be Refreshing If........

Herman Cain, Wicky Wacky Wu, Wiener's Weiner, Bill, Groper Al......the list goes on. It would seem that our political class has some wing wong problems. The Cain thing seem a bit manufactured but who's to say really? We collectively seem to hold our "leaders" to a higher standard than the car salesman down the street. Funny that it is more likely that those in leadership positions tend to have more sexual peccadilloes than the average Joe. Just the way it is I guess. A power thing as it might be. Something for "psychologists" to sort out I suppose.

Wouldn't it be nice if we actually had some honest folk running for office?

What would say a Charles Barkley do if asked by a reporter about his past? Wilt Chamberlain ( may he RIP)? "Mr Chamberlain I understand that you are a man who likes(ed) his pussy?" "Why yes, yes I do." Or something along those lines. After that is out of the way, real issues can be discussed.

How about some former rock star being presented with the same question. "C'mon. I was a rock star." "Next question."

After we get the wing wong things out of the way we can then allow our elected officials to get on with business. We should pretty much take for granted that most of those running for high office are fucked up in some way or other.

Usually it has something to do with their peter.


Anonymous said...

It would be refreshing to be that honest, we hold politicians to be annointed by saints, yet give a pass to Hollyweird people and rock stars, thats a real double standard.

in the vanguard said...

Cabbie, you're listening too much to mainstream media, who will feed you all the garbage you can manage to swallow. That you believe the sexual nonsense about Cain is striking to me. How can you buy the musg they're selling, and then turn around and sell it yourself?

Bartender Cabbie said...

not really sure if the Cain thing is true or not. It does seem like it politically motivated garbage accusations. I don't know for certain though.

in the vanguard said...

Neither do I know for sure. But I know THIS for sure - the media, and the liberal Democrats - are thieves, liars, etc. so I begin from that assumption and process from there.