Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Crime Wave Is Tearing Our Nation Apart

Lately vicious gangs terrorizing the few remaining law abiding member of Amish community have come to the attention of the country at large. What is really interesting here is this appears to be mostly an Amish on Amish phenomena. The most vicious of these groups is known as the "Mulletts"  This band of Amish desperadoes have been attacking others of the community and forcibly shaving their beards. They have been outrageous reports of electric razors being used in these attacks.

This phenomena should come as no surprise. It has long been known by law enforcement that the Amish are a highly organized and vicious criminal organization molded along the lines of the Black Hand. The fact that their criminal enterprise escape the attention of the public at large is the very successful sleight of hand employed by these Amish gangsters. Those who have investigated these criminals have discovered that the organization uses the manufacture and sale of fine furniture to fund their various other activities and to present, to the public at large, a aura of legitimacy. It has been pointed out that this is very similar tactic employed by outlaw biker gangs that support major charities through various motorcycle events.

It is likely that the "Mulletts" will be "sanctioned" by the Amish at large for bringing unwanted attention to the organization. One can only hope that an internal power struggle does not ensue and the conflict does not widen and further endanger the law abiding public.

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