Thursday, November 24, 2011

OWS Crowd Thinks They Are In Syria or Cairo

I think I have figured these silly OWS folk out. They think they are part of or at least in concert with the protesters of the "Arab Spring." That is it. A bit of solidarity as it were. It all sort of started with the pizza eating proletariat up there in Madison and just kind of went from there. Now the "Arab Spring" thing will likely turn out to be a disaster from a strategic standpoint but that is another issue entirely. For the average OWS type to compare themselves to those being gunned down in the streets is rather stunning and quite obtuse . They are allowed to have their protest in many cities (as Americans have the right to) with very few real sanctions, the "pepper spray incident" notwithstanding.

Try your ridiculous protests in Damascus and see how that works out for ya. Silly fuckers.

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