Friday, December 23, 2011

Yep There Is An Islamic Convention In Houston. Wish I was Still in the Taxi Business

OK the Muslims are coming to Houston. They are here in fact as their convention kicks off today at the Hilton. I have not done a whole lot of research on the matter but have noticed that the usual suspects are fearful of this event and the Muslims themselves, along with their apologists, are playing victim. I don't think it is a big deal frankly. Yes apparently there are some closet America hating type speakers on tap but I don't think that the Taliban has a booth at the event. Probably a lot a hype about nothing. Or not.

What I do know however is that this would be a money making opportunity for a cab driver of the non Muslim variety.

You see, after a hard day of kneeling on carpets and whatnot, some of these out of town sports will find themselves in "need" of some stress relief. Muslim or no. Think not? Don't delude yourself. A cabbie knows a lot more about human nature than some who call themselves "Doctors" of Psychology. There are a plethora of out of the way spots in Houston where a sporting man can go to relieve a bit of stress as it were.  It is the job of the cabbie to be of assistance. To make recommendations if required. Here and there as it might be.  All in the name of customer service.

Yes this would be one of those times that I find myself missing the taxi business. As a "retired" cabbie and semi retired bartender (still available for weddings and lawyer funerals) I can spot a money making opportunity from a mile off.

This gathering of Mohammedans would be one of them.

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