Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Age Nonsense

I took a "Special Education Certification" test yesterday afternoon. Pretty sure I did OK.  I will know in a few days. I studied quite a bit of course and I should soon have another teacher "certification" under my belt. Not that it really matters. Very few good teaching jobs left in Texas. Unless you know or blow someone. Be that as it may, I was warned by a number of colleagues that the "common sense" answers on this particular exam are usually the wrong ones. Of course they are. These tests are devised by over "educated" Utopian dickweeds who don't know what they are about. Anyone with even half a brain can see this.........Divorced from reality is that crew.

Part of the problem with our country it seems. Common sense is thrown out the window for "feel good" solutions in all walks of life. How is that going to work out for us when we find ourselves in a real shooting war?

What a bunch of poseys we have become.

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