Monday, December 19, 2011

Opportunity Or Danger?

It seems that the old freak King Jong Il has finally departed. Good I guess. Wonder what will happen next. Is his son to be next in line? Will the military leaders acknowledge his ascendancy to the throne? Who knows. It will be interesting.

It is doubtful that a 'revolution" of sorts will occur. At least not one sparked from the street. The people are too downtrodden and brainwashed to even think of such action I would wager.

Will North Korea continue to be Chinese puppet and be used mainly to distract and irritate her enemies in the region (along with the Western world)? It is rather doubtful that the Red Chinese would allow any reunification with the South. They fear a dagger at the heart which is exactly what a unified peninsula would represent to them. Unification would perhaps (or perhaps not) be the best scenario for the West. A militarily and economically powerful unified Korea would certainly frighten the Communist govt of China. However it would likely be a complete nightmare to drag the North Koreans out of the dark ages. Might not be worth the time and effort to do so. It would make the integration of Eastern Germany with the West look like child's play.

The evolution of human history sure is interesting.

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