Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More On This Craig James

OK. Those who don't follow college football probably have no idea who this Craig James fellow is. He is/was an announcer on ESPN until, apparently, he resigned to pursue a run for U.S. Senate. Fine and good. What you may not know however is that he has some definite attributes that uniquely qualify him for a seat in the esteemed body.

In his college days Craig James played for Southern Methodist. Yep he was there during the "death penalty" days. He denies involvement in wrong doing (of course), but with so much money being thrown around........ C'mon Craig. Did you or did you not make a few bucks?

Recently he was instrumental in getting Mike Leach fired from his position as HC at Texas Tech University. His son was not getting the playing time that Craig thought was warranted I'm sure. Of course there were some allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Coach Leach, but those appear to be groundless. James did not get what he wanted (playing time for his pussy son Adam) and decided to target the coach. (This is speculation of course but I would not say it is "wild speculation.") One can't help but wonder what kind of pressure was put on the administration at Texas Tech to can a darn good coach. Perhaps James has pictures of someone with a goat?

This James has been in the vicinity of  extreme corruption at SMU during his college days. Whether he was really an innocent bystander is certainly something that should be questioned and investigated. Vigorously! He may not be corrupt but he certainly must have been very aware of what was going on around him. He is not that stupid. Is he?

James sure seems to have used his "power" in a very underhanded manner to get what he wanted (son's playing time) and was a party to  the "lynching" of Coach Leach. It is doubtful that the alleged "abuse" by Leach even occurred. Again this is all just speculation by a large number of those who follow college football...but when there is smoke there is very likely a fire somewhere. Besides, if Mike Leach was such a horrible person, why would a major school (Washington State) hire him to turn their program around? Combine this with his (James) being affiliated with a corrupt college program and one can see how red flags can be raised with this dude.

Yes this Craig James is a P.O.S. and with his resume of scumbaggery appears to be quite qualified for a senate seat. The only silver lining here is that we now don't have to listen to his silly ass at game time.

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