Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hair an "Independent" Now

Well it is all over the news. Hair has become an independent and ditched the Republican Party. Good for him I suppose. He is a buffoon sure but is probably the smartest and most qualified of those that are running or, as in his case, has flirted with the candidacy.

I find it humorous that most the the Republican candidates don't want Hair to moderate a debate. He is smarter than them, tougher than them, and they don't want any one who is capable of really making  those folk look foolish in a position to easily do so. We ain't talking about Palin here. We are talking about a bonafide tough guy who is no quitter and no one's fool.

It matters little that he tends to be a bit comical. If he were president this country would be taken seriously by all those who may be not be so friendly. 

They would fear him and that would be good.

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