Friday, December 16, 2011

Rush The Righteous Blabbers A Bit Too Much

I am no fan of Ron Paul. He is a loon and no mistake. Yes, he is a pretty decent Congressman I admit and he does represent the district in which I reside but as a potential president.....? I don't think so. The man is just too much of a squirrel.
Now with that being said, today I was driving home from work and Rush was on the air. He was making fun of Dr. Paul with quite a bit of vitriol. That means one thing and one thing only. The Republicans (and Rush) are afraid of this man. That is OK in my book. I wouldn't support Paul any more than I would support that nut Palin, but it is nice that he frightens the "establishment." I am more a a Cain or Trump man myself. Yes Yes I know..Cain is a horndog and Trump is somewhat a clown. I understand and, for the most part, agree. I still think that either/or would be much better than any of the current cast of characters that we have now.

Let us be honest about the radio talking heads though. Rush, Hannity, and a slew of others, are nothing more than cheerleaders and jock sniffers.

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