Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"We Wish You a Happy Holidays?" Bugger Off!

The other day my daughter informed me that her school library book had different words for the old We Wish You a Merry Christmas tune. You can guess what the "new" version is of course. Yep that's right. We Wish You a Happy Holidays is the new way brothers and sisters. Of course I just told her that the old way was the real way and not to pay any attention to the "new lyrics." I did not mention of course that the "new tune" was something that bimbos, bozos, and buggers came up with to make everyone feel "included" (or something). I just left all that alone.

I think the whole "attack" thing on Christmas has sort of blown over anyway. I could be wrong there but I have not heard so much about a "holiday tree" this year.

This PC is ridiculous and if you are a practitioner of such nonsense, well, I wish you a very hearty and heartfelt "fuck off."

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