Friday, July 8, 2011

Dark Music for Dark Thoughts

The election season is fast approaching. I won't be voting for Obama for sure, but don't believe that anyone of the Republicans who are running or contemplating a run will really be any better. Do you? Whoever the next president will be I doubt anyone will see much change for the better. Do  you think we will really close the southern border? Do you believe that we will bring back American jobs that have been stolen from our citizenry and shipped overseas with, I might add, the blessing and support of our huckster political class? Do you think we will really crush terrorism and more importantly perhaps, their nation state benefactors? The list goes on and on.

Republicans? Democrats? Same thing with different rhetoric.

Enjoy Danzig's Five Finger Crawl.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I keep hoping for the best. Who knows what the future will hold . . .

Bartender Cabbie said...

Thanks for the comment. I also hope for the best but once in a while I just see the dark side. I probably shouldn't play writer when in one of those moods lol.

Thank you for stopping by.