Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let us Celebrate the Diversity

I was reading Gary Fouse's blog post concerning the California Gay thing that is to go into effect. The funny thing is that Gary mentioned that celebrating the accomplishments, just because a person happens to by Gay, is similar to celebrating Bill Clinton's rise to the highest office; and oh by the way he (Clinton) is a sexual predator. I found that pretty comical. Here are a few things I think we should add in text books as long as we are all going to celebrate all this diversity.

Under the heading of:

Hoormasters: Bill Clinton of course would need to be included in this section. Let us not forget JFK. I am sure there is a whole list of men who have had achievement in all fields of endeavor who would be included in this section. Remember Gary Hart? Perhaps he is too insignificant to mention. Certainly Jimmy Swaggart would need to have at least a paragraph or two.

Manslaughterer: There is absolutely no way that Edward Kennedy, the Liberal Lion, can be left out of this category. If old Teddy could do it well then....

Drunkards: Teddy gets to be included in at least two categories. There are a whole lot of others. List is too long to mention on this forum.

Wienie Waggers (both alleged and confirmed): The alleged wienie wagger Al Gore (you ole swinger you) will for certain receive top billing in this category. His work on "Global Warming" is either based on scientific evidence or not. He allegedly enjoys aiming his woody at massage "therapists." Pretty good job if you can get it.
Anthony Weiner will most certainly need to be added to this category. At this time there is an exploratory committee deciding the important issue of adding the category of "Cyber Flasher." If agreed upon, then Weiner will be placed in this category also in the upcoming edition of the text.

We could go on and on here. Why stop at merely segregating ourselves into race, gender, sexual orientation, etc?

Let us celebrate the diversity.


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