Friday, July 1, 2011

Why There is A Texas Based Reality Show. Who Knew?

Just the other day I made mention that a Texas based reality show would have to have guys featured with redneck/racecar names and of course they all would be goat roping and driving huge pick ups. Now of course I must add that driving a huge pick up can be a necessity in some parts of Texas and only if employed in some type work where some such monstrosity has a work advantage. Many in Texas, and perhaps other places, drive these things as some sort of gas guzzling status symbol. OK if you can afford it I suppose, just not my cup of tea. Sorry to get sidetracked right off the bat. It happens.

Now the Texas based reality show I just watched was called, I think, Rattlesnake Republic. It was pretty interesting. It was a good deal like the Swamp People show and in fact I believe it has the same narrator. These guys pretty much just run around in the arid regions of Texas catching rattlers. There are some real crazy characters and while I am not sure it will reach the popularity of the aforementioned Louisiana based show, it might. Some fool keeps a cobra as a pet and actually kissed the thing on top of the head.

 That kind of thing draws a crowd.


Jayhawk said...

In high school I was a designated "snake patrol," one of the guys in charge of removing rattlesnakes from the playground before the grade school kids were allowed to come out and play. So, to be running around as an adult and catching them for fun... Well, fuck that.

Bartender Cabbie said...

LoL. Yep I don't think I will be running around chasing snakes either. As a kid we used to bug water moccassins and it is a wonder none of us were bitten. I distinctly remember a friend of mine jumping five feet in the air to avoid a strike. We were all probably about 11 years old.