Sunday, July 31, 2011

Irritating the Red Chinese

It appears that some ethnic unrest is taking place in the Xinjaing region of Red China. The Mohammedan minority is thought to be a "danger" to the cohesiveness of the country and the communist regime is intent, it seems, to put a stop to said unrest. In this particular case I will side with the followers of the Prophet, not because I really care much about the aspirations of the Uighur people, but I do take an interest in the problems they (or anyone) can cause China.

This particular region is home to the Uighur people, who are ethnically distinct from the predominant Han Chinese. The communist govt has apparently been relocating Han people to the region in a sort of Chinese version of lebensraum. A brilliant move in the social engineering department and will likely have the ultimate affect of completely displacing the minority. Now I am certainly and by no means an expert on the area, but it seems that this is the type of (again) social engineering that is practiced by the Red Chinese regime. The same type thing is reportedly being seen in Tibet.

China is intent on becoming a world power politically, economically and militarily. Anything that can cause them a problem, no matter how slight, in achieving that goal is good for the West, regional democracies, and Western allies in that part of the world.

That would be why I support the people of Tibet, the Republic of China,  and yes even this particular group of "Chinese" Mohammedans.

Containment of China is of utmost long term importance.

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