Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quanell Ten Strikes Again

For those of you who don't know who Quanell X is; he is a race baiter and "professional Black" in the Houston area. I at one time thought him a pretty smart guy. Anyone that can make a decent living off the exploitation of racial issues can't be all dumb. I have since revised that assessment and now place him perhaps just a step above Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee in the smarts category.
Mr. X's latest foray into race baiting is seemingly calling for and advocating violence against the Houston Police Dept and I suppose, by extension, local cops in general. This is in response to alleged police brutality targeting the Black community. Now we all know there are rogue cops running about. There are quite a few that should not be allowed out in public much less out and about with firearms. That being said, it is quite foolish and counterproductive for Mr. X to publicly advocate an "eye for an eye."
You know, I would have a lot more respect for Mr. X if he actually lived among those who he is so quick to champion. He apparently resides out in the wilds of suburbia instead of the inner city. He could certainly put his talents to use in more productive ways than mere race baiting. You know, things like perhaps manage a halfway house. Perhaps run an after school program. Something productive.

It wouldn't pay as much though. That would be the rub in my opinion.

Hard to afford nice digs on a mere social worker salary.

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