Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 10 College Football Predictions 2012

Time is short this afternoon so I will just get to the predictions for week 10.

1. ULL vs ULM: This local rivalry game may be a good match up. ULM is the best of the Sun Belt and ULL is struggling a bit without Gautier behind center. I go with a close game and the Warhawks of Louisiana Monroe to edge the Cajuns.

2. Middle Tn vs WKU: Both are good Sun Belt squads and nipping at the heels of ULM. Both of them have suffered conference losses to those same Warhawks. It will be a heads up game and the winner still is in the running for conference title and a possible bowl berth. The loser will likely sit the post season at home. Not all six win teams go bowling as hard as that is to believe with so many "who cares" type of bowl games. Anyway, I go with WKU in a close one. They just seem like they may be a step above.

3. Temple vs Louisville: Temple can give teams some problems at times. Louisville has been living very dangerously but are the best of the Big East. I would go with Louisville to win this one but, as usual, it will be a close game.

4. Texas A&M vs Mississippi State: This could be a good game or not. It depends on which Aggie team shows up. The Bulldogs may keep it close or they just as easily may get blown out of the stadium. Go with the team from Texas.

5. Oregon vs USC: This is the "big game" of the week. It might also be the week that the Ducks are taken out of the "national championship" conversation. USC is a good, albeit poorly coached, team. The Ducks are a very good team but have faced no opposition this season. They are not going to be used to the offense that the Trojans are capable of bringing. If the Trojans are mad and out to prove something they will win. If they are down at the mouth then it could go the Ducks way. I think they will be out to destroy the season of the team from the Pacific Northwest. Go with USC.

6. Alabama vs LSU: Yet another "big game of the week" here. Really not. LSU has been living very dangerously and it is quite a matter of luck that they don't have three losses at this point. The Tigers do have a very good defense and will make some stops, but they lack any substantial offense and will not be able to come close to matching scores with the Tide. Go with Alabama. It could get ugly.

7. KSU vs Oklahoma State: Is this yet another "big game of the week." It could be. Oklahoma State is a pretty good football team. I would place them on par with a Mississippi State, South Carolina (without Lattimore), Iowa State (who they have beaten), or perhaps Ole Miss on a very good day. They are capable of beating good teams. Also capable of getting blown out. KSU can start slow at times and will need to avoid that here. Go with KSU to win. It may be a close one.

8. SDSU vs Boise State: The Aztecs have improved a good bit but will not be able to hang long with a good, but less than stellar, Bronco team. Go with the team from Idaho here.

9. Texas vs Texas Tech: The Red Raiders always consider this their big rivalry game and go after the Longhorns. The Horns tend to treat Texas Tech as little brothers. They often get bit. They won't be able to keep up with the fast Texas Tech offense and will be surprised at a much improved defense. Something that is rather new in Lubbock. Go with Texas Tech.

10. Ole Miss vs Georgia: Georgia had a huge win last week. Will there be a let down? It is easy for teams to overlook the Rebels, but the group from Oxford actually is a bit dangerous this year. I go with the Bulldogs to win, but it may be very close.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

Geaux Tigers, LSU will beat Alabama. Well, okay maybe not this year, but us Cajuns keep a positive attutude. We will beat them some year. We will eventually beat them. We just aren't sure when.

Now the Chargers winning the Super Bowl, that's a different matter. Not so sure on that.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Someday the Tigers will beat the Tide but I don't think this Saturday. This year I just have not paid any attention to pro ball. I guess when the Saints are down I just lose interest. Trying to get on the Texans bandwagon a bit.

Jayhawk said...

Well, LSU beat the Tide in regular season last year, and the year before. In fact, they have beaten the Tide in regular season seven of the last nine years. They even won the first game in 1895, but their overall record against the Tide is admittedly less than stellar.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Maybe the trend will continue and they will get lucky. I don't think they have the team for it this season.

Jayhawk said...

This just in from Rocky Long regarding the upcoming SDSU game at Boise State, "If we don't play at our best it could be embarrasing."

Have to love a head coach who stays in touch with reality.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I once worked for a guy in emergency management who said on local television that "if it keeps raining it will flood."

Long's comments reminded me of that.

SDSU has bounced back from a disaster of a start but I don't think they will hang around long with the Broncos.

Hope I'm wrong.

Jayhawk said...

Well, I don't think any of us saw that coming. Sort of the oposite of embarrasing for Rocky and company.

The Tigers played well enough to win and were betrayed by a coach dumber than a bag of hammers. A prevent defense when leading by three points? Really?

Bartender Cabbie said...

I did not see SDSU beating the Broncos. Miles lost the game for LSU.