Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 9 2012 College Football Predictions

As usual this time of year there are some very good games upcoming. Without any further blabber we will jut get right to the juicy.

1. Arkansas State vs ULL: Another Tuesday night television match up and a game that may still be a factor in the hunt for the SBC title, or at the very least, contention for a bowl game. ULL must win this one. Their next three weeks will be brutal with ULM, WKU and a non conference game with Florida on the schedule. ASU is not the team they were last year but still capable. The Cajuns have played well at home this season and should win this one in a close game.

2. Cincinnati vs Louisville: An important Big East match up (as such things go)  between two teams in contention for the conference title. Louisville has a good QB in the Bridgewater kid but they have just not won any games over quality opposition. They do manage to edge bad teams and undefeated is undefeated at this point in the season. Cincinnati was exposed somewhat last week in their road trip to Toledo. Which of these teams is better? Hard to say. It is a toss up and I will go with the Ohio team to pull it out of the hat.

3. South Carolina vs TN: This one may be good. South Carolina just has not shown up the last two weeks and will need to do so this Saturday. The Vols are a long way from being a good team. I think that Spurrier's squad will win this one fairly handily.

4. Ole Miss vs Arkansas: Neither of these teams is real good. The Hogs have shown some improvement and Ole Miss gave the Tide and the Aggies all they wanted a few weeks back. This one is another toss up and I will go with the Razorbacks in a close one.

5. Southern Miss vs Rice: Bad teams both. Which one is worse? The Golden Eagles. Rice had their chances against Tulsa, the best team in CUSA, last week but came up just short. I think the Owls will win here.

6. Texas Tech vs KSU: Another test for both teams. We know KSU is the real deal but the jury is still out a bit on TTU. If the Wildcats have the offensive performance that they did Saturday last then they will win this one. Go with KSU in a fun game to watch. KSU fun to watch? Yes, a bit odd I know.

7. Clemson vs Wake Forest: These Tigers can play the game when, and only when, it seems to suit them. Good job last week demolishing Beamer's squad. It is fun to watch Frank Beamer suffer humiliation, he is such a class guy, although one does feel a bit for the athletes. That being said, Clemson is the hands down better team here and should win. Go with the Tigers.

8. Florida vs Georgia: I am going to place Florida at the top of the Bartender Cabbie Rankings this week. Yes even ahead of the Tide. Florida has just had more quality wins to this point. Georgia is a dangerous team but just probably not quite on the level of the top two teams in conference. Probably not even the best of the second tier (LSU, Mississippi State, South Carolina, TAMU). They may give Florida some problems with this being a major rivalry game for both but they will come up short. Go with the Gators.

9. Notre Dame vs Oklahoma: This is the week where the Irish will be exposed as just not a top ten team. Oklahoma, despite one loss, is still in the conversation for a possible national title bid while Notre Dame is lucky, darn lucky, to not have two losses at this point. They barely escaped BYU and Stanford may have been robbed in OT a couple weeks back. Oklahoma is the better team and should have little problem here.

10. Texas Agriculture vs Auburn: TAMU is by far the better team here and should win. They really should have beaten LSU last week but too many turnovers and a rather inept defense kept the game just out of reach. Auburn is bad. No punches pulled. The Aggies should win even if they don't show up with their A game.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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