Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bartender Cabbie on the Upcoming Election

In a few short days there will be an election. Heard anything about it? I for one will vote for the guy in the cult (just kiddin ya buddy) for no real reason other than he is not Obama. South Side Slim has had his chance and has proven to be an utter failure. His successes are the type that America does not need. That being said, I hold no illusions that any thing of any substance will actually change for the better regardless of the victor. None.

It is a shame to feel that way and perhaps I am just a bit pessimistic and jaded. I have to laugh though when I see android like supporters of either candidate prancing around with their signs and slogans. I just can't understand such blind devotion to a candidate that, if elected or reelected, will in no way do what is in the best interest of the United States of America. How can I say that? Easy.

No matter who is the next POTUS the following things will not change. Mark it.

1. We will not secure our southern border militarily. No I am not talking about shutting off legal trade with Mexico, that would be foolish, but I am speaking of completely closing all routes of illegal immigration and other illegal trafficking.

2. Neither candidate will reform marijuana laws. Don't get me wrong, I don't smoke and have not since I was just a kid (well maybe a bit here and there until I reached my thirties). I do understand that domestically grown marijuana can be a source of taxable income for all levels of govt and the savings of law enforcement not wasting vast amount of resources in enforcing the ultimately unenforceable would be tremendous. The overcrowding of our prison systems would be alleviated also. Perhaps it is past time to release all who are in jail/prison for minor marijuana offenses and have their criminal records expunged. Pipe dream (no pun, well maybe) I know. None of this will happen. The alcoholic beverage industry lobby is terrified at the prospect.

3. We will not suspend all aid to Mohammedan nations that are becoming fundamental Islamic in nature. These countries are a danger to their neighbors, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world. Instead I would imagine that we will continue to attempt to buy their cooperation and support.

4. In the inevitable conflicts with Muslim lands, we will not devastate, leave, then devastate again if deemed necessary. Instead we will continue to become involved in long, expensive (in Western lives and treasure), protracted efforts at "nation building" with the foolish notion of promoting democracy in these regions..  It does not work long term. A fool believes otherwise.

5. We will not deal harshly with speculation and speculators in the energy sector. This is a national security issue.

6. The decline and off shoring of our critical manufacturing will continue. So will the decline of the middle class. This also is a national security issue.

7. We will not build and operate an American flagged, American crewed Merchant Marine. Another national security issue.

8. Redundant and superfluous federal agencies will not be closed and/or consolidated.

9. The Orwellian intrusion into our daily lives will not cease or even diminish. On the contrary.

10. We will continue to use vital farmland to the production of corn for ethanol thus lessening engine life for our automobiles and raising the price of food products. Another "green energy" boondoggle? It is indeed with the added bonus, so to speak, of not only being a waste of money but actually being a source of damage. At least wasteful spending on solar and wind power does not do any real harm. Justs wastes taxpayer dollars which I suppose is damage enough though.

Yes it sure is funny when I see people actually believing that their candidate really matters.


Jayhawk said...

Point #7 is particularly interesting. Too many people overlook that one, but it is a significant issue.

For once, since you didn't mention LSU, I have no issue that I can nitpick.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Most people do not know anything about our Merchant fleet or rather the lack of our merchant fleet. Merchant mariners are the "auxiliary" navy and, in he event of major troop and equipment movements......well, I'm preaching to the choir and you certainly don't need any instruction on the importance of the issue. Most people do though. They never think about our merchant mariners...

LSU? I try hard to be objective when discussing LSU (or the Aggies,Alabama, PAC12, Ohio State, Nebraska and Notre Dame). While I certainly like the Tigers much more than the other mentioned teams, I moved to Louisiana in late middle grades from Arkansas. Stayed a Hogs fan and warmed up to the Ragin Cajuns.

Tiger problems this year are obvious. I am surprised they only have one loss at this point. They do have a very good defense I think the Tide will score more often than the Tigers.

The game has to be played though. A Tiger victory would be nice and set the stage for even more BCS controversy. That is frustrating but fun none the less.