Friday, October 26, 2012

You Can't Fix Stupid

Tyrann Mathieu was arrested for possession of marijuana. Nothing real shocking there. Along with Tyrann were former Tigers Jordan Jefferson (remember him?), Karnell Hatcher, and Derrick Bryant. Hatcher and Bryant probably have no real prospects in life, playing for the Tigers was probably the highlight, but Jefferson plays some pro ball in Canada and Mathieu is (was) a sure fire NFL calibre player.  Mathieu and perhaps Jefferson could have a source of good to unbelievable income for a few years. Both are stupid though.

When Mathieu left the Tigers before the season began he could have been an immediate starter at a IAA school. McNeese State expressed interest. I am sure there were others. Perhaps he should have taken that bait. Maybe a lower division program would have made sure he attended drug rehab, stayed in class, and tried to help him get his priorities straight. Playing in the lower divisions would not have hurt his chances in the NFL. It is not like they do not know who he is and anyway, if one can play the game, the NFL will find out. It matters not where a player is playing college ball. The NFL will know. They are funny like that.

What Tyrann should not have done was return to LSU to hang out with his crew. It matters little whether being arrested for possession of marijuana is a ridiculous charge for anyone to have to face, what matters is that it is illegal and that Mathieu has too much to lose to be involved in such nonsense.

He is just stupid. No other explanation.


Jayhawk said...

They don't even have to attend college. Antonio Gates is not the only player who names a high school during the introductions on Sunday Night Football.

Mathieu's action does not surprise me in the least. When he turned down McNeese State I knew exactly where he would wind up.

Bartender Cabbie said...

yeah. Perhaps he should just declare for the draft. He would have to realize though that he would have to prove himself in more ways than one to any team that gives him a shot. He would also need to be humble and smart enough to accept the lower income that he will be offered at the offset.

His stupidity has cost him a lot of money.

I wonder if he could say East Baton Rouge Parish jail" during NFL introductions.