Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bartender Cabbie On Gambling In College Sports

In years past there have been public service type advertisements condemning gambling on college athletics. The gist was college athletes are "kids" still and it is somehow immoral (or something) to gamble on their various sporting contests. Hmmmmmm.

Most of the "student athletes" playing college sports can vote. They can join the service and get shot at by wild Mohammedans or, if they chose a different career path, even star in porno flicks. A substantial number of them can even legally buy an adult beverage if it suits them.

Somehow it is immoral to gamble on college sport? Give me a break.


Jayhawk said...

You make defense based on what these kids can do, such as fighting wars and such, but I would argue that their age is utterly irrelevant since they are not engaged in the betting. They play the game completely unaware of the betting, and the bettero are people completely unrelated to them.

If these adults wanted to watch six year olds holding sack races and make bets on the outcomes, I would see no problems with that. How are the kids in any way affected by that? What does their age have to do with bettors who are not even in the same city.

The argument about them being "just kids" is nonsense and doesn't even need to be refuted.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Shouldn't have to be refuted I agree, but the NCAA in years past (although I have not seen any this year) made a public service push to discourage gambling on college athletics.