Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BCR 2012 College Football Rankings Oct 16

The ridiculous BCS top 25 is out for all to wonder over. Hard to believe the premier sport in college athletics is still controlled by such a system. There are certainly some head scratchers.......That being said I have unveiled the Bartender Cabbie Rankings for this week. Oh, I have left Ohio State out of the mix as they are on probation and irrelevant. They would a lower top 10 squad if not under sanction.

1. Alabama: No reason to knock the Tide off the perch quite yet. They were unchallenged last week but may have a bit more trouble than one might think against the Vols. Rivalry game and all that.......

2. Oregon: Still see no real reason to drop them from the second spot. We may learn more about the Ducks Thursday when they finally face a half way decent opponent.

3. Florida: Good team. A pleasant or not so pleasant surprise. Depends on if, like any good American, you are a Gator hater.

4. KSU: Good solid football team. Needs to watch out Saturday against an embarrassed WVU squad.

5. South Carolina: A better team than showed up last Saturday. They deserved to lose what with those ridiculous uniforms.

6. Oklahoma: They are back. Good football team. The loss to KSU may (or may not have)been an anomaly.

7. Oregon State: Under the radar. Could challenge for the top spot in the PAC 12. May be ranked a bit high. May be right on the money.

8. LSU: May be ranked a bit high here. May be ranked a bit low. We will learn more Saturday when they travel to College Station.

9. Notre Dame: Bad call robbed Stanford of a chance to go to double OT. Lucky to escape the Cardinal last week.

10. FSU: The loss to NC State was bad luck pure and simple. May run the table in the ACC for the remainder of the season. Does face an average Miami squad this week but the Canes may be up for this one. The Seminoles better be also.

11. Texas Agriculture: Yep. Despite almost blowing it against a very dangerous but somewhat over matched La. Tech team last week, they move up. The offense is good and getting better. They better learn to play some defense though. They have at least an even chance of beating the Louisiana Tigers this week.

12. Georgia: A dangerous football team that may be capable of beating anyone on a good day. Also capable of losing to just about anyone when not clicking.

13. WVU: Good offense that just didn't show up Saturday. No defense. Won't be a top ten squad without learning to stop the opponent. May well get schooled by a bruising KSU offense Saturday.

14. Stanford:  May be better than their record.

15. Mississippi State: The schedule gets tougher from here on starting Saturday with a dangerous Sun Belt opponent which has upset in mind. I would not be surprised if Middle Tennessee State gives them all they can handle come Saturday. They may or may not be a real top 25 squad. Jury is still out.

16. USC: Still not convinced just yet this is a solid top 20 team. Has a QB that will get a shot in the NFL but just don't see what else they have frankly.

17. Cincinnati: Probably the best of the Big East teams. Has not had a serious challenge yet. Plays a tough MAC squad this week and will need to be on their A game.

18. Rutgers: Plodding along. Still undefeated.

19. Texas Tech: They certainly surprised WVU last week. The win, especially by that margin, was likely an anomaly.

20. Boise State: Not what they have been the last couple of seasons but a dangerous team to face none the less.

21. Louisville: Still undefeated. Not convinced they are the real deal despite what Lou Holtz says about them.

22. Louisiana Tech: Came back strong on the Aggies. Had their chances. Should run the table the rest of the way.

23. Clemson: OK. I am not sold on this team as a solid top 20 squad quite yet.

24. Wisconsin: Improving. Despite loss to Nebraska, may be able to finish strong in the Big Ten. They do face Ohio State down the road but do not have to meet with Michigan.

25. Iowa State: A decent team. Can be a dangerous opponent for anyone in the top 25.

On the bubble:
1. Ohio: Ranked last week. Winning but not convincingly enough to make the top 25 this go round.
2. Toledo: A win this week against Cincinnati could move them into the BCR top 25.
3. Michigan: Not convinced yet.
4. Michigan State: Ditto
5. Nebraska: On par with MSU, Michigan and Wisconsin. Decent teams that could find their way into the bottom quarter of the rankings before all is said and done
6. Arizona State: We will see Thursday night what they are made of.
7. Texas: If they rebound strong the next few weeks they may find their way back in. Oklahoma looked like they were playing Akron instead of the Longhorns last week. They fall a long way from last week with that beat down they suffered.
8. Northern Illinois: Under the radar good MAC team.
9. Nevada: Could creep in
10 Utah State: If they run the table the rest of the way I would be willing to put them in the top 25. They must beat Louisiana Tech first. A tough proposition.
11. NC State: We will see how they do the next couple of weeks. They were very lucky in their win over FSU two weeks back.
12. Duke: Still has a shot at making the top 25. Very good team for a Duke squad this year.
13. TCU: OK. Maybe.
14. ULM and/or WKU: A very long shot.
15. North Carolina: Ditto.

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