Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 7 2012 College Football Predictions

There were some excellent games last week and this week may be just about as good. So far this year I stand at 50-10 with last week being an "off" week at 7-3. Wonder how it will go this week.

On to the predictions.....

1. WKU vs Troy: This Thursday night Sun Belt match up should be interesting. A host of SBC teams are still in contention for the conference crown including these two. WKU is a pretty good team but must face the Trojans in Alabama. Taggert is shaping up to be a darn good coach and of course Blakeney is a proven commodity. Troy has been down for a couple of years but still has a legitimate shot at SBC crown. They must win here though. It may be a close game but I will go with WKU to edge the Trojans and pretty much knock them out of contention.

2. Louisville vs Pittsburgh: Louisville is in the top 25 in the AP poll, but does not make it in the Bartender Cabbie Rankings. They are 5-0 at this point, and that does say something, but they have had no signature win. They edged a dismal Southern Mississippi team two weeks ago and just did not look top 25 to me. A victory here might move them into the Bartender Cabbie Rankings. They should have enough to beat the Panthers but it might be close. Go with Louisville.

3. Iowa State vs KSU: ISU has quietly built a good season but then again they have had a rather easy row to hoe. They did have a nice win over an over ranked TCU squad last week granted. A squad that had a very capable starting QB suspended though........KSU is a good team and perhaps will end the season in a BCS Bowl.  They should bring a dose of reality to the Iowa State squad. Go with the Wildcats.

4. Duke vs Virginia Tech: Duke, like ISU above, has done a pretty good job thus far. Reality will hit sooner or later but I am just not sure that the Hokies are the team to do it. The Hokies are exposed. They are horrible. If I were a VTU fan (and thank goodness I am not), I would be thinking that Beamer has overstayed his welcome. That being said, this game should be pretty good and I would imagine that somehow or other Va. Tech will come ou on top.  Duke is Duke after all. We aren't talking basketball here.

4. UTSA vs Rice: The Roadrunners are 5-0 at this point. Of course they have played two DII schools and one that is just two years removed from DII. UTSA is only marginally a real D1 team. That being said the road trip to Rice Stadium could be a nice win for them. If they can pull it off. They did beat another woeful D1 (NMSU) school earlier this year. Can they do it again? Toss up. I will go with Rice here. Not sure why.

5. Oklahoma vs Texas: OK here we have it. I am thinking this is the game of the week. Certainly means a lot in the Big Twelve race. Both schools have one in conference loss but both are still certainly in the race for the conference crown. I have watched both teams rather extensively this season and think that the Longhorns are the better squad. Marginally. I am not certain that Oklahoma could have hung with WVU as well as the Horns but I am rather certain that Texas would have performed better against KSU. This is a huge rivalry game though and you know what they say. I am going with Texas in a very close game. Either team has a legitimate shot at being a top 10 squad before all is said and done.

6. Stanford vs Notre Dame: This may be good. The Cardinal have had the Irish number.This is a different Fighting Irish team though. One that is actually pretty darn good. Stanford has a knack for playing above thier talent level to be sure and will be up for this one. Can Stanford pull another one out of the hat? I think so. Maybe just wishful thinking I admit.

7. Utah State vs San Jose State: An important WAC match up. Both teams are quite good as far as WAC teams go. SJSU has been a bit of a surprise this season and Utah State is just five points away from being undefeated at this point. They really should have beaten BYU last Thursday but fell just short. The Aggies have faced marginally tougher competition and that experience may be enough to put them over the top. Well I almost forgot about the SJSU/Stanford game in the opener. The Spartans hung tough there.  This game is is toss up and I will go with Utah State by less than a touchdown. It could go either way.

8. TAMU vs Louisiana Tech: This may be a very good game. TAMU is really not a bad football team. Their young QB is already one to watch. Louisiana Tech may well be the best team in the bayou state. There are those that believe that to be the case. It certainly helps that the Bulldogs are facing the Aggies on home turf. If the Bulldogs want any chance of being taken seriously this is a must win. I will go out on a limb and predict a victory from the lessor known Louisiana team.

9. Alabama vs Mizzou: Missouri is not a very good team. They had trouble consistently competing in the Big Twelve and will not be able to do so in the SEC. I did notice some chinks in the Bama armor two weeks back in their hard fought victory over Ole Miss. That being said, the Tigers will not be able to stay long on the field with the Tide. I must warn Missouri fans though not to get inebriated  and lay down anywhere.........

10. South Carolina vs LSU: This is another big game. Can LSU bounce back and actually play the game as it was designed to be played? They certainly have the talent. Will Spurrier's squad have a let down after a signature win over Georgia? We will see. I have the feeling that the Gamecocks are a bit too fast for the Tigers but then I look at the lackluster performance that they put up against Kentucky two weeks back. Which South Carolina team will show up? Still I will go with the Gamecocks to pretty much end the Tiger season here.

Have a good week and enjoy he games.

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