Sunday, October 7, 2012

10/7/2012 Bartender Cabbie College Football Rankings

There were some good games yesterday and some that were in the Bartender Cabbie Top 25 found themselves on the outside looking in. A bit of shuffling as it were.......

Post week 6 rankings.

1. Alabama: The Tide had a bye week and there is no reason not to keep them number one.

2. Oregon: A good performance keeps them in the number two spot.

3. South Carolina: It gets tougher here. SC is a good team and may have a shot at a SEC title.

4. Notre Dame: Moving up with a beat down of Miami. May have trouble this week against a pesky Stanford squad.

5. KSU: Easy victory keeps them in fifth.

6. West Virginia: Excellent offense propels them into the top ten. Would be higher if they had a defense. They must improve defensively if they are to stay in the top 10.

7. Florida: Moves up one spot after defeating LSU.

8. Texas: Moves down one spot after taking WVU down to the wire.

9. Oklahoma: Comes back after KSU debacle with a beat down of Texas Tech.

10. Ohio State: Hands down the best team in the Big Ten, but not quite on the level with the better SEC or Big Twelve teams. At least not yet.

11. Oregon State: A good albeit under the radar football team.

12. FSU: From three to twelve is a big drop. Still even ranked as high as twelve might be just a bit generous here. They should have the talent to come back and win the ACC though. Perhaps even work their way back into the top 10. All talk of a "national championship" is over and done though. At least it should be. Tie with Georgia for 12th spot.

12. Georgia: Not as bad as they looked Saturday. Still a team to contend with in SEC play. Tied with Georgia for 12th spot.

13. LSU: The only reason to rank the Tigers this high is that they do have the talent to win. Unsure of the coaching staff though.

14. Cincinnati: A real dark horse to make it into the top ten but they are playing good ball. Could challenge Ohio State for the best team in Ohio award. Well, probably not.

15. Louisiana Tech: Moving up with another victory. Will have a true test when Texas Aggies come calling. We will then see if this team is as good as I believe them to be.

16. Clemson: Lackluster victory over a woeful team drops them one spot

17. USC: Beating Utah by a few points does not portend upward mobility. They drop a bit.

18. Mississippi State: Another victory sees them inching northward.

19. Rutgers: OK. They still have not lost one yet. Nineteen may be a bit generous though.

20. Stanford: We will see how they do against Notre Dame. If they hang tough they will move up. If they upset the resurgent Irish then I certainly have them vastly under rated.

21. Boise State: All right. There is no way that this school will be down for long. Have worked their way into the top 25.

22. Texas Agriculture: A better team than many would have thought. May work their way up but just as easily could disappear out of the Bartender Cabbie Rankings.

23. Ohio: A good team that can give a lot of top teams fits. Had a scare with Buffalo last week. Another too close for comfort win with a MAC team will likely drop them from the rankings.

24. Iowa State: The Cyclones really have come out of nowhere and are building a decent season. Probably be hit in the mouth with the reality stick this week when KSU comes calling.

25. Nebraska: This spot could have gone to any number of Big Ten (and a couple of MAC) teams frankly. Wisconsin, MSU, Northwestern, Michigan, Toledo, and Northern Illinois were all considered.

Moving out of the top 25 this week were TCU and Northwestern. The Frogs are just not as good as advertised and now they are without a starting QB.

Others that have top 25 potential
1. Michigan
2. Northwestern
3. Michigan State
4. Tulsa (the best of CUSA)
5. Wisconsin (interchangeable with Michigan, MSU, Northwestern and Nebraska)
6. Toledo (might have the opportunity to be the best in the MAC)
7. San Jose State (took Stanford down to the wire. has not lost any other games)
8. Utah State (5 points is all that stands between these Aggies and an undefeated season thus far)
9. Nevada (a loss to USF sends up the red flags for me)
10. Louisville (they need to convince me first)
11. NC State
12. Duke (believe it or not).
13. Arizona State (well not really)
14. UCLA (had their chance. would take a lot of work to get back in)
15. Northern Illinois (a pretty good team for the MAC. might get lucky and move up)

Addendum: I inadvertently had two teams number 12 FSU/GA. I suppose this could be the top 26 for this week.

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