Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Defense of the Aggies

Anyone who reads my little work here knows darn good and well that I am no Texas Agriculture Aggies fan. Not even close. Dislike them rather intensely to be frank. In the interest of fairness and objectivity though credit must be given where credit is due......

I thought, as did many, that Texas A&M did not belong in the SEC. They struggled in the Big Twelve (now with ten teams) and if they couldn't hang there well, they had no business playing big boy football. Yes Yes I know the Big Twelve has some good teams here and there and usually at least one or two that would be able to hang with a top SEC team, but let us be honest, the Big Twelve is not the SEC. That being said however, the Aggies have not only proven themselves to belong on the same field with most SEC teams, they have proven to be better than most.

This season the boys from College Station had every opportunity to beat both LSU and Florida. They did struggle a good bit with Ole Miss granted, but the Rebels are a better team than most people choose to believe. (Something that may become apparent this Saturday). A very talented but young QB with a lot to learn has something to do with the Aggie losses. A rather below par defense is mostly to blame though. With all those handicaps, the Aggies could very well be undefeated at this point. I would look out for them next year.

I would imagine that before all is said and done Kevin Sumlin will be up for college coach of the year. He would be a shoe in if he could just get a defense. He did a wonderful job at the University of Houston, but lack of D kept his last Cougar squad from being a BCS buster. He doesn't have to worry about all that in the SEC. I would look for the Aggies to play in a major second tier bowl this season and sneak into a BCS bowl next. Maybe even compete for all the marbles.



Jayhawk said...

They have indeed been an impressive team, and their games have been well worth watching. My father's undergraduate degree is from Texas A&M (Medical school at Tulane), so I can't hate them too badly.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Everyone around these parts are Aggies fans it seems. It just gets tiresome. At least this year they have something to bray about.