Saturday, June 4, 2011

Did the Wangs Expose Weiner's Wang?

It seems that the U.S. guvment is accusing the Red Chinese of some sort of hacking episode. If I were young Anthony I would take advantage of that one. I would claim that the evil PRC is behind "tweeting" a pic of my (alleged) wang. Of course I am not Anthony and for that I am thankful. His "career," not to mention possibly his marriage, may well be destroyed over this little episode. I am still not completely convinced yet (getting there) that the pics in question are of Anthony's dork but I would wager the truth will be unleashed before long. Yes, everything will likely come to a head very soon and I am pretty sure Anthony will get the shaft.

Sucks for you Tony. Arrogant ass!  I would play up the Red Chinese angle for all it is worth.

 Just a little free advice from "the cab."


ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I really enjoyed the pun on words.

bartendercabbie said...

Thanks. I appear here quite often.