Thursday, June 16, 2011

Again (and again) With This Good Hair

There is speculation that Good Hair is going to make a run for president. He does nothing to dispel these rumors and in fact it does look like he may be testing the waters. This has the "conservatives" all a twitter. Fine and good. What most do not know is that this Good Hair makes a pretty good speech and is completely full of caca.
Some point out that Texas has weathered the economic storm (thus far) better than most of the country. True enough and none of Good Hair's doing. Nothing the man did made much difference either way in the way Texas does "bidness." It is, and has been for a long long time, a business friendly state. Of course people and their businesses are moving to this state from places that make it their business destroy those who, well, do business.  California, once a mecca, is sliding, the Midwest is done (for now at least) and many other states are in trouble.

Yep Texas is a "cut above" in many ways but this Good Hair is not responsible. He is just along for the ride. At least he has done nothing to completely screw us up but I still would not think he is the solution to this nation's ills.

Could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

The only thing I hold against Perry was his strong support of Super Highway project - to me, a completely self serving 'business' decision. I don't think its gone away, just underground, so you folks along the Highway 59 and IH35 corridors, keep your eyes peeled. If you have ever seen the Bob Bullock bridge over IH35 in Laredo, you know someone has big plans for that. The height of that bridge is similar to the one over the Houston ship channel - somethings up there!

Otherwise, not so much bad to say. Like his stance on firearms, a governor with published stories of killing a coyote with a carry gun and shooting a 'black rifle', not many politicians would admit to that.

bartendercabbie said...

I find him very weak on the illegal immigration issue.