Friday, June 17, 2011

And So The Killing Of Our Country Continues

I just read Mish's column today and noted that he reports that 700 K Mart "appliance specialists" will be laid off. Apparently the rest of the "staff" will be trained in appliance talk and it should make it soooo much easier for customers to checkout at any register. The end of the world? No. Typical? Yes. Mish also further reports that their will be an 800 number to call if one needs further assistance with appliances. He further notes that the "employees" at the other end of the phone will probably be from India. You see this is a problem.

My non PC friend, of whom I have spoken before, does not deal with foreign customer service reps gladly. When confronted with the situation he will demand to "speak to an American." The fact that this is often impossible does not deter him from being rude and obnoxious. Good for him. I am a bit more mellow and usually don't get in a twist about such, but it does irritate me that our corporations have been allowed to rip off the American worker with such underhanded tactics. I personally feel that if a company is headquartered in the USA and sells products and services here then they ought to employ Americans in all aspects from manufacturing on to customer service. It should be mandatory. This outsourcing is killing us.

It is treason frankly.



Jayhawk said...

It's called "shitting in their own nest."

By making products overseas with cheaper labor and selling those products here, companies create a society which consumes but does not produce. That is a society whose very fabric has been ripped apart. Consumption without production creates an economy based on debt, and debt has a limit.

Production is unlimited in its ability to grow with a population, debt is not. Debt hit the wall in 2008. We reached the point at which we had accumulated more debt than could be repaid, and the economy crashed.

The cause was not housing, the cause was not the "mistakes on Wall Street," the cause was not government spending. The cause was that companies taking production out of our economy broke the fabric of our society.

bartendercabbie said...

I agree. When we produce nothing we become nothing. We are headed that way.