Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Hair For President? No. I Don't Think So.

I heard (again) some speculation that the sitting Gov. of the Republic of Texas was considering a run for the Oval Office. There is apparently a good deal of support brewing from "out of state" Republicans. Interesting that I did not hear of anyone "in state" making a case for him. Now I have said before that the only thing that Good Hair has going for him is, well, his good hair. The man wears cowboy boots everywhere but he really should be shod in frufru tasseled "cocksucker shoes." Just the kind any good lawyer would wear. He is also a coward. I stand by that statement.  All hat no cattle this Good Hair. Anyone who thinks this guy is qualified for the highest office in the land is delusional. Of course I suppose it could be argued that he would be no worse than the folks we have had now for the last ten years. Those two were ineffective to say the least. Yes I know that Obama "got" Osama (interesting rhyme don't you think?) but he merely continued the job that Bush II begun. Not that I am not glad that Osama swims with the fishes...Thank Allah for that. Anyway if we want to see a repeat performance from B. Hussein, (again interesting name), let the Republicans allow Good Hair to be the nominee. That would seal the deal for South Side Slim and Co.

 Can we afford four more years of that?

Of course this has been just an exercise in typing for the most part. Good Hair stands less chance than Ronald McDonald of being the Republican nominee. Come to think of it, perhaps Ronald should consider a run. It appears he will be soon hounded out of  his current "office" by leftist do gooders. Might have some spare time on his hands directly.


Steve Burri said...

You have a bar in your cab??

Who (if anyone) do you like to make a run?

I lived in Victoria for about 15 years just before the turn of the millennium.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Nah. No bar in the cab. Used to bartend (still do some weekends) and own a taxi. As far as who would I like to see run....I don't know. So far none are striking a chord with me. I kind of liked Huckabee but it does not look like he will run. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee is a lib and talks like Gomer Pyle. Want more illegals then Gomer is your man

Bartender Cabbie said...

Pretty ballsy to post as Anonymous.