Monday, May 23, 2011

Again With These Hookers

I again found myself again watching the incredibly stupid show Jerseylicious.  Just today I heard Michael Savage mention that one should never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. He mentioned the popularity of Oprah I think, and I just bet that he would find this show concerning New Jersey hairdressers to be a sign of the decline of our civilization. Be that as it may, I wondered if I could be included as one of the stupid Americans who enjoy tripe on television while "Rome" burns. Perhaps so. This Jerseylicious is a lot like watching some kind of train wreck. It is mesmerizing.  The women are actually orange (from tanning I suppose) and dress just like streetwalkers. I suppose they think it classy but they look cheap and ridiculous. I found the inner pornographer in me thinking how cool it would be to direct, (just like a modern day Gerard Damiano) a film starring these lovely ladies. Some guy on the show named Anthony, (of course, it is New Jersey after all), fueled the fire by telling one of the ladies how she needed a facial.......

I need to buy some professional video equipment.

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