Monday, May 2, 2011

Buried At Sea? WTF? Why?

It appears that the nameless scum has been "put to rest" at sea. Not sure I get it. Supposedly it was to not offend Mohammedan sensibilities. That is kind of silly. Should we give a damn about such? I don't think so. As it is some "Islamic Scholars" are pointing out that this at sea "burial" is really an affront. Again I ask "Should we give a damn?" It matters very little if the "Muslim street" or these so called "scholars" are offended about anything. It just does not matter.

One thing that does matter though is that this "burial at sea" will begin to fuel a whole "they are lying to us" movement. Might make the whole birth certificate thing seem pretty tame. I for one believe that he is dead and gone (thankfully) but there are those who will want to see proof. I think that the American people deserved to view his body (if one so desired). Might sound barbaric but I would have been for taking him to the local taxidermist and then on to the Smithsonian. That would be a win/win for everyone except those who would be offended. I believe I have already noted that their feelings are of no consequence.

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